How do we as individuals make changes to the environment?


Too many times we sit on our hands and complain about the declining quality of the environment but only lament on it degradation.  The time is now to take action any way we can.  It has been said the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago and the 2nd best time is today.  We need to be lobbying our respective agencies and letting them know about the situations that we see in our own cities, town and municipalities.  We have to be watch dogs and be tenacious with our lobbying.  Start a community petition and send it off to the local agencies.  With enough of a movement things can be changed.  This blog has over 750 articles relating to things that need attention.  Cancer clusters are more common due to our environment.  Groundwater is being compromised and it is in fact our most valuable commodity in the world.  Some how we would get by with oil but try getting by a few days without water.  I pick water.  Perhaps the next world war will be fought over clean water and Canada, the country that I live in is likely the wealthiest when it comes to this commodity.  However, it cannot be wasted and contaminated.

If we all get on board around the the globe maybe in some small way we can maqke a difference.

Paul Brander August 7, 2013


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