Let all corporations take a page out of Dubai Investment’s environmental policy

Recycling drive earns top marks

Published — Sunday 1 September 2013

In a major boost to its commitment to environmental sustainability, Dubai Investments — the largest investment company listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), has received certificates of recycling for its carbon neutral electronics waste and print cartridges.
As part of the program which was launched in October 2012, DI has recycled toner cartridges, print cartridges and contributed in significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
The recycling program is being undertaken by IndustryRE LLC— a leading sustainable management consultancy firm based in the UAE.
The recycling program is a major step in DI’s sustainability strategy aimed at adhering to global standards in line with the Basel Convention on Control of Trans-boundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal.
Abdulaziz bin Yagub Al Serkal, general manager of Dubai Investments, said: “As an organization, we aim to become more environmentally efficient across all our operations and develop innovative technologies that reduce the ecological footprint of our products and services.”
He said: “We are proud of our achievements on this front, and the certificates reinforce our ongoing commitment to be a socially responsible and environmentally-sustainable company.”
IndustryRE, which has installed collection boxes at DI office premises for the electronics waste and print cartridges, provides DI with monthly reports on quantities, volumes and weight of collected waste.
The company recycles the electronics waste to the highest environmental standards and ensures that no item reaches any landfill, locally or internationally.
One of the unique features of the recycling program is that any CO² emissions generated as part of this process, for example, during the transportation of the collection boxes, are estimated and offset through a carbon credit offsetting procedure.
Carbon credits are similar to certificates that represent a reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. One carbon credit is the equivalent to a saving of one ton of CO².
Incorporated in 1995, Dubai Investments PJSC is the largest investment company listed on Dubai Financial Market with over 19,894 shareholders, and paid-up capital of AED3.5 billion.
The company works in manufacturing, financial investments, real estate development and mergers and acquisitions


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