Shame on the Cdn Government for the way they treat our disabled veterans.                          

                                            Despite their sacrifice, disabled and wounded Canadian veterans like Bryce are no longer supported throughout their lives. Jeff is asking the Canadian Government to restore life-long support for wounded veterans.                                                                                   


                                                Paul –                                               

I want you to meet Master Corporal Bryce Hooper in Morinville, Alberta. The Canadian Government doesn’t think we owe him for his sacrifice.  I disagree.  I hope you will, too.

Bryce served for 12 years in the Canadian Forces. He dealt with mass graves in Bosnia; recovering the bodies of victims of genocide.  In Afghanistan, Bryce carried the coffins of his comrades on to planes for their final trip home.  He recovered vehicles blown-up by IEDs. He guarded those picking up the remains of his fellow soldiers.  He spent 9 months trucking Highway 1 through Ambush Alley, in constant fear of being splattered across the desert.

Bryce’s service left him with severe post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   He will carry his mental wounds for the rest of his life, but Canada isn’t supporting Bryce for the rest of his life. Changes made to financial benefits mean veterans like Bryce get paid only once for their pain.

I started a petition demanding the Canadian Government acknowledge the responsibility we owe to those who put their lives on the line for us, and that it restore life-long financial support to our disabled veterans.

Before 2006, disabled veterans were given a pension that would support them  throughout their lives. Today, they are given a lump sum and the Canadian Government wipes their hands of them.  For a severely disabled veteran like Bryce, this can mean over 40% less than what they would have received under the old pension plan, or even up to 90% less than what other Canadian worker would receive for the same disability.* As a result, many veterans now suffer dire financial situations along with their injuries.

When a Canadian enlists, they are promised that if they are injured or killed in service, then Canada will take care of them and their loved ones.  This social contract is our sacred obligation to those who serve. We Canadians must defend it.

This week, before Remembrance Day, please join me in standing up for Canada’s disabled veterans.  Sign this petition and remind the Canadian Government that our veterans are always our responsibility.

Thank you,

Jeff Rose-Martland

President, Our Duty



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