Criminal Charges laid after discovery of PCB’s at water treatment plant

Friday, December 20, 2013

South Carolina PCB Update

In October we wrote that PCBs had been found in sewage treatment systems and grease traps in South Carolina. At that time the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) had indicated that criminal activity was suspected after investigations revealed the presence of PCBs in area grease traps and on the equipment of several waste oil haulers.
On Wednesday the DHEC arrested the owner of American Waste Septic Tank Service – a waste hauling company that received a cease and desist letter earlier this year after equipment was discovered to be contaminated with PCBs. According to Mark Plowden of the DHEC “[The] arrest represents only the leading edge of a larger and ongoing criminal investigation.”
As of now there is no indication of the original source of the PCBs (i.e. where the PCBs were hauled from); nor how extensive the criminal activity may be, but we’ll be sure to keep abreast of developments as they become available. 
Submitted by Kate McMahon

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