Red Neck Christmas Parade

christmas parade 3


CHUMUKLA, FLA.–People who show up at the Chumukla Redneck Christmas Parade just in time for the first float and leave right behind the last donkey are getting only part of the experience.

It’d be like showing up at an Alabama or Auburn football game just before kickoff.

Some of the true die-hards at the Chumukla event in north Santa Rosa County–about 20 miles from the Alabama line–arrive around 8 a. m., tailgate and grill for hours.

This year’s Redneck Christmas parade was Saturday.  It was the first year for Tyler Van Wey, a firefighter at Naval Air Station Whiting Field in the Milton, Fla., area.

“I’ve only been here for a couple of years, and I’d heard a lot about it, but until now I didn’t realize the magnitude of the parade,” Van Wey said.  “It is absolutely phenomenal.”

Another first-timer, Scott Bass of Milton, said the people-watching was the best part.  “It was too short,” Bass said.  “Not enough rednecks.  We need more rednecks to show up and do stupid stuff.  We came out to sit here, eat, relax, have a good time.  That’s what the redneck parade is all about.”

Brook Ellison of Pensacola makes the trip out to the parade every year with her friends.  While the actual parade was shorter in 2013, Ellison still enjoyed driving her rented golf cart around the route.

“It’s just fun,” Ellison said.  “They’re just a great group of people, it’s real country, real laid-back.  Everybody just sits out and has a really great time.” 


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