Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Planes trains and automobiles.jpg


In 1987 Steve Martin and John Candy starred in this movies.  Two guys (polar opposites) are trying to get home to Chicago for Thanksgiving.  A great movie if you like comedy.

I am now sitting in an airport in Toronto with my wife trying to get to my fathers place in Nova Scotia for Christmas.  I have had several more travel venues and I still haven’t boarded a plane.  We left Wiarton, Ontario this morning in my 4X4 pickup and drove to Mississauga, Ontario to board a train that took us to Toronto.  We then boarded a shuttle buss to take us to the shores of Lake Ontario. A ferry was waiting for us to take to an airport in Toronto that happens to be on an Island.  Hopefully soon we will board a plane to take us to Moncton, New Brunswick via Montreal, Quebec  If everything is on schedule we have a car picking us up in New Brunswick to take us to Amherst, Nova Scotia.  If my dad’s very long driveway is now plowed we will be taking snowmobiles to the house.  I guess if this was a movie it would be called “4X4, Train, Bus, Boat, Plane, Car and Snowmobile”


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