Fukushima A World Emergency

Fukushima A World Emergency
Posted by Jennie Bryant-Eveleigh on January 26, 2014 at 2:17am
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Fukushima – A World Emergency: a brief summary of the crisis of our Human Response Will you dedicate a meditation and share this appeal? Many of us, perhaps humanity as a whole, may feel that the scale of this issue is beyond our ability to deal with it in any significant and meaningful way; in the face of the magnitude of the crisis, our response surely ineffective? The people of Japan are being irradiated, the soil of their farmlands destroyed. The ocean is radioactive, signs of mutating fish have now reached America. It is escalating and comprehensively life threatening. The disaster is much greater than Chernobyl from which fallout tracts of land in North Wales, U.K., for example, are still banned from public access and farm use. Radiation levels are now many times above normal as registered in North China and West America. Fukushima is a world emergency that has received almost no media attention and rather too much disinformation and not one nation has responded at the level demanded by the crisis. Why is this? In short, Fukushima encapsulates the crisis of humanity itself and, if accepted as such, offers a chance for world transformation. Our united compassion and demand for selfless action, cooperative collaboration and self-sacrifice for the life we share as a humanity on a fragile and wounded planet must transform the resistance of our human desire nature, the paradigm of limitation. Something has to change. This crisis cannot be resolved at the level at which it has been created, not by any company, nor by any one nation. The Japanese government and the TEPCO Energy corporation have proven themselves to be unwilling and incapable of dealing with the issue in a responsible and transparent manner or of accepting outside help. A UN initiative, spurred on by mass public appeal, has similarly been limited and ineffective. The traditional response, as we saw with the BP Gulf Oil spill and so many others, is to seal off the area, prevent objective media reporting and announce that everything is under control. The truth is no one agency or nation really has a clue as to what can be done. To compound the issue, in their failure to act objectively and openly of the gravity of the situation, the corporations and media have not admitted or told the public of over a dozen nuclear “events” (leakages) in the USA alone in the last year, or that a power station in Eastern Europe is currently leaking. The crisis calls for an appeal that transcends the paradigm. The legacy of disease alone is not one that any single country can pretend to know how to handle, not least impeded by the language issue. Even our own relationship as “consumers” with the corporations who supply energy to our homes has to be challenged for theirs is a monopoly of supply for which alternatives are either suppressed or banned or taxed out of realistic reach for most people. At this point, humanity is left with no other choice than to give up and openly admit – we simply don´t know what to do. Is there anyone who can help? All that some of us know is that life must come first, before money, before job security, before political or financial power – no matter what the cost. What Would You Do? A general and unconditional appeal for help, from any scientist or engineer must go out. It must be taken out of the hands of any single corporate or government entity and handed over to an independent non-partisan team of facilitators and experts – essentially a world group to oversee a solution driven approach. What else? What Can MT Keshe Do? MT Keshe is an Iranian Nuclear Scientist now living in Italy. He is a Tesla-like genius and a potential white knight. He has consistently offered radically new clean energy solutions to Japan and to the world´s scientists and governments, technology that has been proven and is apparently in use by Iran (to make matters even more polarized), but so far shunned by all but the citizen movement. He is offering freely to explain and demonstrate how to extract and render harmless radiation material, to purify the water and teach the farmers how to treat the soil. However his paradigm changing know-how is a threat to the established energy industry. When Nasa invited him to lecture in America, it was blocked by the Whitehouse. Contact between Keshe and Lady Barbara Judge CBE of the Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee, an advisory body to TEPCO, may now be possible if this way proves to be open. What Can We Do? Our united meditations can open the way. This is something we can do, to take the problem into our hearts from a place of non-separation, to accept the crisis as something we have created and brought upon ourselves and all of creation and to assist humanity in turning aside from a way of death to the Way of Life. In transcending human limitations, we can assist in opening the way for a group love and right action to flow forth. It is nothing less than a sacrifice of the human ego that others may live. May the Waters of Life Pour Forth … Will you join in a global service and dedicate a meditation? Please share with co-workers.

Further info: Keshe Update Re. 2014 Year of the People – Camelot report http://projectcamelotportal.com/blog/31-kerrys-blog/1971-keshe-upda… UN-Avaaz Petition – Stop Fukushima Radiation – UN Action Needed https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/STOP_FUKUSHIMA_RADIATION_UN_AC… Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee http://www.nrmc.jp/en/index-e.html


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