Pete Seeger

01.28.14 ::


Pete Seeger: An Appreciation By Paul Gallay on January 28, 2014 Clearwater Festival 2007 by Anthony PepitonePete Seeger has left us, but I still hear his voice clear as day. We at Riverkeeper mourn the man and offer our hearts to his family and friends. And, we promise to carry on his work and make the most of the gifts he left us. The biggest of those gifts was inspiration. If you hear a song that inspires you to seek the greater good, remember Pete, for he most assuredly lives in that song. If you read of someone who has put his gifts in service of humanity and nature, well, think of Pete Seeger then, too, because nobody used his talents more selflessly than he did. Likewise, when you learn of someone ostracized for her beliefs who doesn’t let that break her down, remember Pete, because he was ever our bravest standard bearer. And, whenever you hear about someone whose courage is exceeded only by his unshakable optimism, thank Pete Seeger, whose grace and determination to create beauty from ugliness changed the course of all our lives. Pete Seeger was a hero to millions who knew or followed him while he lived. Pete will go on inspiring those who endeavor to heal us humans and our one lonely planet, long after we say our final goodbyes to the man himself. – See more at:


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