Great Initiative in Kenya

Creating a Forest Environmental Education Centre

Karanja Njoroge

Executive Director Centre for Environmental Action; Chairman at Friends of Karura Forest (Community Forest Association)

About five years ago, five institutions – Vivo Energy Kenya, Kenya Forest Service, Friends of Karura Forest, Oshwal Education and Relief Board and the Green Belt Movement set up a trust to convert the old Shell Sports Club that occupies 17 acres at the northern west corner of the main forest block off Limuru Road, into a world class environmental education centre. This effort was supported by UNEP and other agencies interested in forest conservation and environmental education. The Karura Forest Environmental Education Centre was established and currently serves an average of 3000 students each month who visit the forest to learn about forest ecology and environmental sustainability.

The trust believes that it is time to move the centre to another level and have embarked on a fundraising initiative to build a holistic forest environmental education facility that will help them deliver on their stated mission “to be a world class transformational education centre focusing on sustainability with an emphasis on children and the youth”. The trust intends to build a world class forest environmental education centre to deliver on these services.


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