Heart and Stroke Foundation

heart and stroke foundation

As I am in the hospital for a heart attack and it has become abundantly clear that the heart and stroke foundation can use our help.  I know that I am going to dedicate my volunteer efforts to this organization.  It is under funded.  I am in a 6 floor heart and lung hospital and the Cat scan is working 16 hours a day trying to keep up.  I am not complaining as I am stable and waiting for a angiogram and every day emergencies come in and the scheduled patients are bumped.  Supposed to have it Wednesday and it looks like Monday.  They could use at least 1 more cat scan.  My surgeon scrubbed up last night to help and get me on the assembly line but 2 more emergencies (life threatening) came in.  The staff is incredible but they can only work with what they have.  I think all of us have known or been touch by these problems.  Pitch in to help if you can.


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