55 Days to the Georgian Bluffs Marketing Environmental Seminar – check the link below

55 Days to the Georgian Bluffs Marketing


Free Environmental Seminar in the Beautiful Bruce Peninsula – Sign up NOW

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The date of October 20, 2017 is now confirmed with overflow dates of October 21, 2017 and October 23, 2017. I will need to know soon as the numbers that will be attending. Based on the items you see below I would need to know which of the items are of the most interest and it could be all of them. Replies should come to my email at paul@georgianbluffsmarketing.ca and/or my phone at 519-375-2257. This is requires a lot of organization and Leslie will need to know as soon as possible. The only cost will be your lunch at the excellent restaurant at the airport. Don’t forget your significant others as Wiarton is a unique tourist town with lots to do and spend the weekend on the Bruce Peninsula. I am planning to have the unveiling of a new state of the art Schellvac SVHX8 hydrovac. I have also invited the MTO to discuss the new regulations regarding hydrovacs and when the soft enforcement will end. I have also invited the MOE to discuss the new excess fill regulations. A brand new service that we will have effective Monday is a radical change in the brownfield and contaminated sites cost to cleanup. A legal firm has developed a huge business in the U.S. and I am bring this concept to Canada. Essentially they source the insurance company that insured the impacted property during the contamination and claw back on old policies to assist the developer with the cost of the cleanup. This will be an important session especially for persons considering the purchase of contaminated properties. Golden Environmental will be discussing the new techniques for soil remediation as well products for spills to be a valuable asset to emergengy response companies. Corbett Contracting will be on hand to answer questions regarding demolition projects and the use of the high reach excavators. Environozone will also be speaking on odour control at plants with odour, like compost, mushroom and rendering plants. The ozone installation will eliminate all odours and keep the residents happy. APEX Environmental/Green Light will discuss the new state of the art hazardous waste facility and Barrie and Green Light will discuss health and safety issues. I am trying to get a portable vac unit in from Swift Environmental in Alberta which can be hauled on a 1 ton pickup or a trailer. Extrememly handy for those small projects that don’t require a large vac unit. There will be a virtual presentation by NZ Stirrers to discuss extremely high torque soil mixers which have the ability to mix a depth of 20′ plus without bogging down. I also have brought on another new service that can pack, load, haul and dispose of explosives in a regulated site. Last but not least, most of us have boats and I will have an upholsterer showing of his craft. The Recovery Room is a craftsman and his work will be on display.

Open House and seminar by Georgian Bluffs Marketing
GBM is hosting an information seminar for those interested in our services and products of our suppliers at the Wiarton International Airport
Wiarton, Ontario, July 13, 2017–   October 20, 2017 (8AM start) is now set for the Seminar/Open House
The seminar is getting good response and it is limited seating of 50 for the boardroom. However, I am willing to run additional seminars for the Saturday and Monday if the demand is there and it is looking that way. The Bruce Peninsula is a breathtaking area to visit and the fall colours are an added bonus.

Paul Brander