Good news – Bad news

bruce penn 2

I am looking to see who would be interested in attending a Georgian Bluffs Environmental seminar in the beautiful Bruce Peninsula late August or early September. The bad news is that it is 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto but the good news is that the area is protected universally and it is a natural sanctuary. I am looking at either Friday and/or Monday seminars which would allow the attendees to take a break in the Bruce Peninsula and spend time at Sauble Beach. The board room at my new office will hold 40 people and the location is at the Wiarton Airport. If I get enough replies I will hold as many seminars necessary to get everybody accommodated. The presentations would be done by Georgian Bluffs Environmental division, as well as the firms that they represent. I am looking for response by mid July if possible to see if their is enough interest. When you reply it would be great to let me know where your interest lies and we can do a custom seminar based on interest. Areas that we could potential cover are as follows:-
site remediation exsitu and insitu – chemical or bio
bulk excavation and dig and dump
ozone odour control – municipal and industrial application including compost and mushroom growing
receiving of haz and non haz waste and an overview of the facility
hydrovac truck demonstration
mini vac skid mounted to achieve entry into underground parking areas
high torque and high performance soil stirrers capable of 20′ depths (presenter would be from New Zealand so this may have to done via video)
as an added benefit for those boaters and car buffs we could have a custom upholsterer showing off his incredible craft
I would love to have this seminar but a minimum of 40 people would be required to make it viable. Again good news – bad news, The seminar is free as well as the coffee and Horton goodies but lunch would not be provided but there is an excellent restaurant at the airport and I can reserve the seating.
Again let me know as soon as possible so I can get this organized


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